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Board of Directors

The Hawkins Run Property Owners Association board members are:
  • Brad Marin — President
  • Kay Faucette — Secretary
  • Scott Knuth — Vice President
  • Paige Burgess — Treasurer
  • Kim Marshall — Pool Liason
  • Larry Heron — Neighborhood Watch liaison
  • Linda Stone — Social committee
  • Paul Crankshaw - Website
  • Open

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Or to contact the board by email: board at hawkinsrun dot org.

The Board also directs a number of committees to address specific concerns.


The annual meeting for all property owners is held in January of each year. The Board meets on a bi-monthly basis. Please contact any board member if you have issues or concerns that should be raised at our next meeting.


In addition to the email news, the Board publishes and distributes a newsletter to all residents. You can review past newsletters in the archive.