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Hawkins Run POA Committees

In addition to the Board of Directors, the Hawkins Run Property Owners Association oversees the following committees:

Social/Welcoming Committee

If you are new to the neighborhood, our welcoming committee would like to say "welcome!"


The swimming pool (and tennis courts) are open from 8AM - 10PM and are for the enjoyment of Hawkins Run residents and their guests. All residents and guests are expected to abide by the Pool Rules.

Hawkins Run Pool

To host a pool party, please complete the Pool Party Agreement form (attached at the bottom of this page) and submit it to the Board. The usage fee is $40.

Electronic pool keys are required to access the pool and tennis courts. Association dues must be fully paid before keys can be activated.

Please contact the board with any issues or concerns.

Lawn and Maintenance

Lawn maintenance for the townhouses and common areas is provided by Deep River Lawn Care. Please contact the Board with any issues or concerns.

Committee of Seven

This committee includes representatives from each Townhome building. Townhouse owners should contact their representative with any questions or concerns.
  • Jeff Hubscher (Building 1) - 919-708-6982
  • Kay Faucette (Building 2) - 919-776-8193
  • Patti Simmons (Building 3, liaison to the Board) - 919-775-3169
  • Sara McHugh (Building 4) - 919-603-0789
  • Betsy Parnell (Building 5) - 919-776-8857
  • Cindy Jones (Building 6) - 919-738-6961
  • Larry Herron (Building 7) - 919-777-2853

Architecture Committee

Please remember that you must obtain approval from the Architecture Committee before making any exterior changes to your property. Submit your Architecture Request Form (attached at the bottom of this page) to the board,

If you want to add a fence to your property, please read the Fence Requirements before submitting your Architecture Request Form.

Neighborhood Watch

Be a part of our Neighborhood Watch. Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and report it to the police immediately.


Please direct all question and comments regarding the website to the webmaster.

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pdf Architecture Approval Form_Mar2008.pdf
Architecture Request Form -- required for all projects. (Revised March, 2008)
Added: June 25, 2010 01:55 pm EDT by admin.
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pdf Pool Party Use Agreement.pdf
Pool Party Use Agreement Form
Added: June 21, 2010 06:00 pm EDT by admin.
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