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Rules for use of Hawkins Run Pool

Effective 4/2009

All residents and guests are expected to abide by the following rules of the Hawkins Run Swimming Pool. Not doing so will result in loss of pool privileges. PARENTS: Please make sure that your children understand these rule.

All residents will be provided with ONE (1) entry key card per residence to the pool/tennis court fence, only if association dues are up to date.

Pool/Tennis court access: There is only one entrance into the pool and tennis courts. All other entry gates are to remain locked at all times.

1. DO NOT give your card to ANYONE to gain access. Misuse of key cards may result in loss of pool privileges.
2. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Board for deactivation.
*Residents requiring a new card after one has been lost or stolen will be charged a replacement fee of $40.00 for the first card, $40.00 for each card thereafter. The replacement fee is due at the time the new card is issued. Once a new card is distributed, the prior card will be deactivated for security purposes.
3. NO LIFEGUARD will be on duty. Homeowners are advised to swim at their OWN RISK.
4. Children under the age of 14 should NOT use the pool without an ADULT in attendance.
5. NO swimming or loitering (including tennis courts) before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM This is to help eliminate noise after hours so as not to inconvenience homeowners who live near the pool.
6. POOL AND TENNIS COURTS ARE FOR HAWKINS RUN PROPERTY OWNERS ONLY. You may be asked to identify your residence, and if not a property owner you will be asked to leave.
7. Only TWO (2) guests per owner will be allowed at a time. Guests must be accompanied by an ADULT Hawkins Run PROPERTY OWNER.
8. NO running, pushing, or boisterous play will be allowed in the pool or deck area.
9. NO glass or sharp objects will be allowed in or around the pool area. (This is a liability issue which affects every homeowner in Hawkins Run.)
10. NO animals allowed in the pool or Tennis Court area. Please note that if an animal is the in the pool, the pool will need to be closed and drained, costing the association additional money. You will be held liable.
11. NO animals allowed on the tennis courts.
12. NO bicycle riding, skating, scooter or skateboard riding on the tennis courts or on the pool deck area. Nothing with wheels.
13. NO adult should swim alone.
14. Grilling on the pool deck or in the pool area is prohibited
15. No Smoking on the pool deck area.

All Hawkins Run property owners are responsible for the observation of these rules. Parents, please make sure your children understand these rules. Noncompliance of these rules will result in loss of pool privileges.

To host a party, please complete the Pool Party Agreement form and submit it to the Board.